5 Little Known Tips For Dating Women

Women can be very mystical individuals; they can be open and easy to understand this instant but in the next, they are as secretive as a hermit. Women are indeed very secretive too. Without you knowing it, you could be doing something they approve of but the looks on their faces tell you otherwise.

There are a few little known tips when dealing with and dating women. If you want to be successful in each and every attempt of yours to swoon a woman off her feet, you’ll only have to remember these 5 tips and you could be off dating women without anything to worry about. คลิปหลุด

1. Women can smell insecurity a mile away. Yes, women have very sensitive senses when it comes to picking a confident man out of a crowd of insecure guys. If you want to win a woman’s attention, you will have to be very confident. Women have a way of knowing if a guy is insecure or not, and if they spot this self-doubt in you, they will give you little attention or probably none at all. If you want to hit the mark, never show your nervousness, and try to lose disturbing habits like stuttering. Look straight into a woman’s eyes when talking to her and try to play things cool.

2. Women hate clingy guys or potential stalkers. Women hate leeches or guys who never give them enough space to do things on their own. Try to give her time to make her own decisions, do her own thing, and to shine on her own. Try to understand that she needs to be alone sometimes and if you provide her with this understanding she will definitely get more attracted to you.

3. Women love smart guys. Well, you don’t have to be Einstein-kind of smart but a little wit and cleverness is a big plus when it comes to attracting women. Women don’t want to hang out with an ignorant date, and by saying ignorant, that would be someone who doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own backyard. Read the newspaper once in awhile and be in the know. That way, when a woman asks you something that has happened recently, you will be able to give an opinion and this will ensue to a conversation.

4. Women prefer the knight in shining armor over the bad boy. Believe it or not, more women will fall for the guy who knows how to be polite and courteous over the guy who spews a hundred pick up lines per minute. If you want to stand out in a crowd, be the guy no one is and most often, that’s the guy who is extra polite. When dating women, offer to open the door for her, follow the ladies’ first rule, and be as polite as you possibly can. You’ll find it easier to get to a woman’s heart this way.

5. Body language works better on women during the first meet. Sometimes, it’s easier to show a woman what you mean than by saying it. Ninety-percent of attraction is the result of non-verbal signs. You can make a woman fall for you in the easiest body signs possible like making eye contact and then dropping a smile.