Review of the Realme GT Master Edition


The Realme GT is a reasonably priced mid-range smartphone from the Chinese mobile manufacturer ills. While it does not really stand out from other smartphone makers in terms of its hardware and it comes with just a couple of features, it helps it to stand out from this overcrowded market segment by delivering a unique blend of high tech and user friendliness. The manufacturer’s latest offering is arguably one of the best smartphones of all time.

With a stylish, powerful and efficient Android operating system, the Realme GT makes for a great smartphone in the price segment. The phone has a very sleek and large curved display that is very easy on the eye. Apart from that, it comes with a very strong, modern-looking dual-core processor, a powerful Adreno-type Plus unit and a high-speed Adreno-lite. The integrated hardware support and excellent battery boost help make the Realme GT master edition quite an impressive offering in the mid-range smartphone segment. realme gt master edition

As with all smartphone manufacturers, the Realme GT is available in two variants – one that come with the usual 16GB storage, and the second with the huge reserves of space, which are referred to as the gigabytes (GB) storage. The latter offers users access to more than two hundred songs, sixty pictures and over a thousand videos. Users can also upload their own music and videos, as well as a wide range of media files. However, the good thing about the device is that it does come with a very large storage capacity, which means that users do not have to worry about running out of space while on the go. Users can also look forward to a long battery life, which is yet another plus point when it comes to the Realme GT master edition.

In terms of the camera, the Realme GT master edition comes with a very impressive rear camera, one that features an extremely sharp lens, enabling the user to capture high quality images in a number of different lighting situations. The front camera is also impressive, though it lacks some important features that may come in useful for some buyers. In terms of the battery life, users can look forward to around three hours of talk time on the single charge, which is considerably better than what we have seen from other smartphone models of this type. As a result, users can certainly expect high quality video recording capabilities with the Realme GT. In terms of the touch screen, users will find that it is quite responsive, even after using the phone for a couple of hours.

When it comes to cameras, the Realme GT master edition is definitely one for the record books. Users can take excellent quality videos with the device thanks to the powerful camera and recording features. The camera samples that can be found on the product website are quite impressive, as they feature video quality that would really leave any professional photographer impressed. The user interface of the Realme GT is characterized by a rather unique, yet clean appearance, allowing the phone to blend well with any look that a user may decide to put onto the handset. There are even individual LED light kits that can be found for use on the Realme of master edition to provide some additional flair.

When it comes to multimedia capabilities, the Realme GT master edition does not disappoint. Users are able to upload their own videos to the product, and can also upload high quality photographs. Video recording is certainly something that everyone can benefit from thanks to the powerful camera included in the Realme GT. However, in terms of photo quality, the lack of fast charge times may prove to be a limiting factor. Users looking for high quality images should therefore consider purchasing either a standard or a pro version of the Realme gt, with the latter offering the ability to transfer images instantly.